April 18, 2009

Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Christine Balaz and I arrived in at the Red River Gorge a few days ago. Her bag were delayed on the first leg of our flight from SLC and the desire to climb was greater than the need of extra clothes, sleeping pad, stove and quickdraws, so we jumped in the rental and busted a move to the Gorge. The first crag we walked up to, Christine connected with some friends from her last trip here a few weeks ago. At the second crag, i ran into Ben and some other friends from Alabama. We all cragged together the rest of the day. Despite serious jet lag from our 1am departure from SLC and the effects of sleeping pills, we managed to climb well. I have not done any sport climbing this season yet and managed to flash a couple of the 5.12's we got on! I was pretty surprised given my current fitness...

Packing at Chirstine house

The hub of Red River Climbing

Christine on a route at the Motherload

a really cool 5.12b

Christine on Chainsaw Massacre 5.12a
It's been really fun the last few days climbing and hanging out with friends. I can now understand why so many climbers rave about this place... it's freakin' amazing! I would really love to come back to this place with top endurance fitness and sample many of the longer and more challenging routes here. Perhaps this autumn??