April 15, 2009

Sweaty Palms

I'll be on a plane headed to the southeast with friend in crime Christine Balaz in just over 24 hrs. Needless to say i am pretty darn psyched! We've got a whirlwind up all night, party every day schedule until we wheel our exhausted bodies back on the plane at the end of this month. If this trip ends up anything like the last one to Devil's Tower, i would imagine some of the locals are gonna wonder what the hell just happened to them and if in fact the British really are invading! The addition of our Donk part way through the trip will bring a highly anticipated fun factor to the trip! Look out Red River Gorge and Seneca Rocks...

Heather and I have have been training hard in the gym and we are both starting to feel some sort of benefit after a very long winter of skiing and little to no climbing. A few weeks ago, Heather sprained her ankle while working on a project of hers at the gym. Just a few day's later she and I were in Moab with friends and she attempted to crack climb with a jacked up ankle. She did well and even bouldered a little at Big Bend. She healed quickly and has been spending a lot of time in the gym during my various travels. We were able to climb together in the gym on Monday and just a few short minutes into our warm up, she fell off and landed on the edge of the pad; spraining her other ankle... It didn't swell immediately and some Vitamin I kept the pain down. She iced her ankle with my remaining Monster Energy Drink and cheered and encouraged everyone the rest of the night. By morning her ankle was black and swollen. Likely she'll be unable to do much other than upper body workout's for the next few weeks. She's pretty bummed as she's been super psyched to get back to Crank Cave and work hard on finishing up Riff Raff (5.13a?).

I'll be back in Idaho on the 26th and will travel to Boise for a slide show on May 1st. Heather should be mostly healed by then and we can spend a few days climbing in the Boise area with friends. Maybe we'll see some of you there??

We are excited about getting strong and having projects this year. And just as excited to get our friends excited about getting strong and having projects this year! I've even gone as far as to appoint projects for some of my friends! It's kinda like the Nazi Projecting Plan - YOU WILL SEND or get sent to that place where people don't come back from!! All in good fun, trust me!

I watched some vids and looked at some photos from our stint at the Riggins Cave last summer. It got me super pumped up and will leave this image with you as the inspirational photo of the day...

My uber RAD wife on The Devil Drives a Deere 5.13a