May 10, 2009

fitness program

It is official, Heather and I have obtained plane tickets to Croatia! We will spend most of June rock climbing at various sectors throughout the country of Croatia. Our crew consists of Christine Balaz, Will Mayo, Nathan and Sheri Smith, and us! We are excited and working hard to get some fitness so we can show up prepared to climb a lot!

So as a result i've created the fitness program of mass destruction! What does that mean... well, i don't really know, other than to climb as much as we can before we go. Between gym sessions and a few good days of weather, i've climbed six out of seven days this week. Heather climbed four out of the last seven days.

Heather and I headed over to Shoshone Cave yesterday and met up with Nathan and Sheri. We spent most of the time at the little cave which was a good thing for me as i was performing like i'd been climbing hard the previous five days, but regardless of falling off of things, i was there for fitness... good excuses, eh??
This was Heather's first time at the Little Cave and she did well. She and Nathan were able to redpoint one of the routes there as well as flash the warm-up which isn't that easy in my opinion. We buzzed over to the big cave and decided to check out the bouldering at the Channel. Heather and I had not been there before, and Nathan had, but did not get to climb.

Typical with Idaho climbing, the Channel is unique in so many ways. First, you walk through the sagebrush where there is no visible cliffs for miles in every direction.

Once down in the dry Channel bed, the walls on both sides are worn smooth by the decades of moving water; creating bizarre scoops, pods, and all manner of weird sculptures.

The climbing is just as unique as the shapes of the stone. We did a few cool problems before the mosquito's came out in force and we retreated to the sagebrush landscape above.

It was a great day of fitness with Nathan and Sheri. On our way home, Heather and I stopped at Pickles Place in Arco feasted on Bacon Cheeseburgers! Our body's were thrashed and our appetites craved meat, which we indulged in! We finally arrived home just after midnight, tired and fulfilled from a good day of sport climbing and bouldering.

I looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse this coming week. I will also be leaving for West Virginia again in a few days. I hope i can keep up with the fitness program this week!