May 03, 2009

It's been a very busy week where technology has not been my friend. Changing my ISP and cell phone provider, upgrading to a Blackberry so i can stay on top of work obligations while traveling, and luckily some climbing! I've lost texts and voicemails, missed emails, and basically had a very difficult week trying to catch up from being on the road the last ten days. Finally getting caught up though.

My slide show went well in Boise. A great turn out for a great event. I am a big supporter in climbing community based organizations that focus on crag stewardship, access, and impact needs within their region. The Boise Climbers Alliance is just that. It was an honor to speak on behalf of that group to a large audience of climbers who recreate at many of the local crags around Boise. I hope people enjoyed the presentation and found some inspiration to explore their backyard and be a positive contributor to the continual growth of climbing here in Idaho.

We had breakfast the next morning with Dusty and some of the BCA crew before leaving town. Heather and I really enjoyed the hospitality and kindness from this organization and look forward to seeing them out and about. After breakfast, we headed for the sport routes at the lava caves north of Shoshone, Idaho to find shelter from the rain. Things were a bit drippy but we found some routes to climb and got some fitness in. I called Dave Bingham on our way to the cave and he jumped in the car and rallied down for a cave session with us. We had fun and it's always a great time hanging out with Dave.

This week is busy with making travel arrangements back to W. Virginia and our upcoming trip to Croatia as well as finishing up some final editing needs for the Alpinist article on alpine cragging here in Idaho. The weather does not look promising so likely Heather and I will spend some much needed time at the gym. Maybe we'll see some of you there...