June 12, 2009

Climbing, Euro Beaches, and Castles

Heather and Christine walk the "streets" of Split, Croatia
The Bird Man and his music box

The Beach and one of the climbing Sectors located above the beach
Heather climbing a very cool 5.11 next to an old building built into the cliff

Heather and I slowing down time!

We did pretty well our first full day in Croatia. The three of us ate good food, walked all over the place, hung out at the beach, and climbed some easy rocks! The jet lag is quickly fading and we are ready to spend more time at the beach and climb more rocks! The beaches are EURO beaches for sure! I had to find the best angle for the above image to keep it viewable for all ages! The water is warm and very clear. I'm excited for our stay on some of the islands and the snorkling we will get to do inbetween climbing sessions.
Today or tomorrow we will head to the island of Hvar and spend several days climbing there before moving on to other area's.
Heather, Christine, and i are staying in a small apartment in the heart of the Castle area of Split. A one minute walk and we are in the hustle and bustle of shops and markets. The entire area is an old castle and network of houses from the middle ages. Lots of history and culture. The people are very nice and happy to deal with our lack of Croatian understanding. Most everyone speaks English, or German, or Italian; so we are able to get by easily.
The temps are pretty warm durning the day and not great for rock climbing. The late afternoon and evening is perfect though! The limestone is a lot different than what we experienced in Greece, but is still really fun to climb. I am excited for more routes and other areas too.
That's all for now... ohhh other than i'm gonna get my groove on at the Euro Disco tonight....look out Split!!