June 21, 2009

hey... this isn't the western united states.

Okay, who wished rain on us? I know you guys are pretty much fighting trench foot now due to weeks of rain, but you don't have to get jealous of our weather here anymore...

We got rained out from one of the better sectors we've climbed at so far. Amazing tufa lines offering power endurance style entertainment. At least the temps were cool enough to feel like the .13a/b i sampled was attainable with just a few attempts. The upper tufa's were running with water, so hopefully we'll go back and i'll get another attempt at sending it.

The image below is of a local climber working on the same route before the rain started.

We climbed at the Marjan sector this morning and now we will let our skin heal and our muscles rest for the rest of the day. It's cloudy and overcast. I hope we don't miss the cooler temps, but i need a half day recovery. Hopefully we can return to Klis in a day or two and have dry tufas and pockets.

Happy Father's day dad and dad-in-law! We are missing everyone very much. See you in just under two weeks.