June 20, 2009

spiders, jumping snakes, heat, tender finger tips, and the Croatian sample platter

Big Spider

wanna-be spiderman

Keep on Rockin in the Free World 8a+

Heather sending a fun 6b

another shot of the 6b
We are back in Split for a few days. A lot of really amazing and scary things have happened the last few days. Our taxi ride to get us to the ferry on time (when leaving Hvar) was the thing movie chase scenes are inspired by! Although we were not being chased by anyone or anything, but our taxi driver was late in picking us up. A single lane dirt road above big cliffs and steep hill sides combined with maximum speeds made for a very exciting experience! The ferry left at 2pm. We arrived at 1:59!
We are staying at the same place in Split and the owners of the flat we are renting is driving us around to different climbing sectors! The people here are so nice and we have felt safe the entire time here. He even took us to his house last night to meet his family!
I'm on the Croatian climbing sample platter program. It has been difficult to send harder routes for various reasons, fitness, heat, humidity, and only climbing one or two days at each sector. So projecting a route has been unproductive to say the least. However, i am enjoying the sample style approach to our stay here. I may not come home with a single difficult redpoint, but i'm excited to simply try some of the routes and move on to the next. Bascially i'm chalking up the reasons to come back during a more realistic 8a time of the year.
That's all for now. Time to go climbing...