June 25, 2009

a star is born

Heather pretty much had one of the best ever climbing days! It has been really fun to watch her evlove on this trip; going from her typical reserved self to an all out funny, quick whitted, send or fall off trying kind of gal!
I was not feeling well yesterday and spent most of the time taking photo's and trying not to vomit. I did manage to climb two routes and back off of two routes, one of which was likely 5.9!
Nathan, Cheri, and Christine are headed to Germany. Heather and I are taking a few days to play tourist in Italy. We'll take the overnight ferry to Ancona and then the train to Rome. We should return to Split after the weekend for a few more days of climbing before heading north to Frankfurt, Germany.
Our trip has been increadable. Both Heather and I are super motivated to return home and start working on another limestone Sector i've had on the shelf; this one is located in the Lemhi Range of Idaho. A beautiful north facing long wall of blue/grey limestone! We've climbed enough sharp limestone to realize that you can either complain about it, or just climb it. I hope it stops raining in Idaho by the time we arrive later next week.
We can't wait for Ranch Dressing and Mountain Dew and chips and salsa and hamburgers from The Backyard and climbing with our friends and 4th of July with the family...