June 29, 2009


Stuck in Ancona, Italy. Our plane to Frankfurt leaves tomorrow from Split, Croatia. Hope we can get out of this place before we miss our flight.

On another note, H and I visited the Pope's home along with some other amazing historical places the last few days. Once i get a few minutes to upload some photos, i'll do so. As of right now we are on the run. The last 36 hrs have been the classic hurry up and wait game as we are trying to make our way back across Italy and then across the Adriatic Sea to Split. Cross your fingers we will make it there by Tuesday before 2pm!

We are both healthy and for the most part happy. Other than a rough first part of the night when we got bad beta from the bus driver who dropped us off at the place were we needed to purchase ferry tickets, but neglected to tell us no ferry's leave from the port on Sundays... and he was the last bus of the day. So we had a nice 8km walk back to town only to find a hotel for 80 Euro's a night (that's very expensive).

Always and adventure.