June 23, 2009

when it rains it pours

where we live and where we are

the town of Omis

Waiting for the rain to let up

it looks like the rain might be letting up. time to get amped up with the Croatian version of Red Bull

climb fast before you get too wet

heather lovin the rain belay

Yesterday, We spent the day in a cute little "mountian" town called Omis. The place had castles, markets, a river, and lots and lots of limestone - mostly undeveloped! We noticed two big sectors of steep swells and caves with tufas and pockets that had not been developed...at all. The routes we did climb were fun and the scenery was almost impossible to beat! Dispite the rain, we were able to climb many pitches and i finished off the day with a very enjoyable solo and down climb before riding the bus back to Split. Heather had a very strong climbing day yesterday and it was fun to see her find her groove.
More poor weather today, but likely we'll get some climbing in today and tomorrow before another storm hits later this week. Heather and I may take the ferry to Italy on Thursday or Friday when Nathan, Cheri, and Christine head north to Germany.
Only one week left...

Here's some good old American music!! I dig the Kazoo mounted to the top of his guitar!