July 16, 2009

more Weeping Cave action

A large crew of us headed out to the Weeping Cave yesterday afternoon. Large for us would be seven close friends! At times it was pretty funny with three climbers fighting for space at one time on the wall! It was like a scene from that old TV show American Gladiator!

Everyone enjoyed the routes. Matt pushed his one hang status on Quart of Blood Technique higher up the route. Tom worked on his impossible looking (to me anyway, but the power of youth is stronger than i am) route Uber Unagi, and I worked out some sequences on Matt's open project, The Basilisk. Heather and Nat M. started to work on Qt. late in the evening, both topping out on the route with a lot of hard work to get there. Rick and Scott burned up the moderates before time constraints sent them back to Idaho Falls. All in all, a very inspiring day of rock climbing and projecting.

The Basilisk is hard - as in we need Mike McClure and his crimp strength on overhanging bulges without feet to come over and check this thing out. It may be our area's first attainable .13+/.14-. Now that is just a suggestion and said in complete reservation in tossing arbitrary numbers out on the internet. Regardless, the Basilisk, like Qt. of Blood Technique is very inspiring and i look forward to getting bouted on it for many months to come!

I leave in a few days for the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City and the Mammut Bouldering Championships. I look forward to seeing a lot of you guys there and can't wait to get caught up on things happenig in your lives.