July 29, 2009

updates and requests

It's been a couple of crazy weeks with the Mammut bouldering Comp and Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. Set up and take down for both events adds many days to the actual events for me. I don't mind so much, but it does get crazy from time to time, leaving me numb and spaced out for a few days after the event. All went well though. The comp was a lot of fun, and O.R. was pretty much the same but i had a lot more to do for some reason. I'm glad it's over and look forward to the whole thing again next year.

Heather went to Boise for a school conference this week and I connected with Heather H. for a trip to the City of Rocks. We had hopes of being gone for the week, but i had some end of the month work obligations that required immediate attention. I'll get things done today and hope to get back out for the rest of the week. Sorry to Heather for the false start at what would have been a fun week of climbing.

We did get some climbing in though. On our way down we stopped at Massacre Rocks and resurrected some old boulder problems east of the interstate i played around on in the early 90's. They were a lot of fun and even more enjoyable with a crash pad! Didn't have those in the early 90's! At the City we made it a point to climb routes that we have not done. Usually this is my goal anyway, but always seem to end up taking friends up the "classics" at some point in the trip. The weather was pleasant for the middle of summer and we ticked off more routes in my guide book. I can't believe i hadn't climbed Fred Rassumsen on the Upper Breadloaf before. That route might be my favorite 5.8 splitter at the City now. Also of note - i totally botched the lower section of Stan's Roof and fell off before getting to the good crack climbing! Don't tunnel vision in the corner, use the outside edge to your right!

ELI WATKINS PLEASE CALL ME AGAIN. Your message was broken up and i do not have your phone number.

Last but not least - thanks for the many kind emails about Alpinist Issue 27. It was a great experience and very humbling to have them approach me for an article. Truly an experience i will cherish all of my life. Thanks Katie Ives and Michael Kennedy for your intrigue in Idaho's mixed alpine cragging.