August 14, 2009

dedication equals achievment

I QUIT - okay, not really!

I've recently been blamed for making at least one person quit climbing because i suggested that to be a good climber requires time and dedication! Crazy... i know. And while i feel bad that my "suppose to be a pep-talk" resulted in a negative outcome, i still stand by my ideals. If you want to climb strong on the rocks and boulders; you have to dedicate the time. If you want to climb smart in the mountains and not run around succeeding on luck; you need to dedicate the time.

So i'll get to the point of this. It's no surprise that when i read a link from Will Gadd's blog to a friend of his, i couldn't help but think of the recent situation and several of the great people i get to go climbing with around here. I've said this stuff for years. Here is someone else saying it.

Basically, I'M CALLING YOU OUT (in a very nice way of course)! There are a handful of people who could benefit from reading this and those guys and gals know who they are! It all boils down to trying really hard and dedicating the time to find out what you are capable of climbing if personal achievements are your goal.

Recreationalists need not apply. But when you are ready to get serious about your personal performance and want to find out what you are capable of climbing - this is a good place to start!