December 17, 2009

Heather the Strong

As some of you know, Heather took a bit of a tumble yesterday and as a result she got to be my first ever Ski Patrol patient! She likely injured the Meniscus on her left knee when her ski tip dove under the snow and flipped her for a sideways cartwheel. I was above her and watched her knee bend/twist about 30 degree's farther than it was suppose to. YIKES!
After a trip to the hospital and some pain meds, she slept through the night and decided to go to school today. Her knee is doing well this evening and she has been able to use it a bit throughout the day with only minor pain and inflammation. I keep reminding her to ice and elevate it which she does.
We wanted to say thanks for all of the phone calls, emails, and facebook wishes of a speedy recovery. Heather says she'll be skiing again before we know it... funny but i believe her!
Heather being assisted by Jedediah and Dave of the Targhee Ski Patrol