April 17, 2010

Owl Cove Classics

Chad "Sr." Alldredge and I during our morning commute.

Freudian Slip anyone?

Chad "Jr." Witbeck visits Nurse Ratchet.

Heather floating weightless on Space Violator with Nathan Smith as her ground control.

The final BIG move on Space Violator... it's COSMIC!

Heather goes Coma-Toes!
While many other climbers baked their brains out in the hot April sun at the south facing All American Wall, we lounged in the sun and climbed in the shade all day at the Owl Cove! Our group of five enjoyed the breeze as it carried cool air from the nearby Snake River and the solitude of being the only climbers in the Cove. Later in the afternoon, two ambitious souls arrived in the Cove and started to work on their latest high line project. They were just as excited as we were to see another group!

Owl Cove offers several worthwhile sport classics and a few worthy traditional adventures. If you have access to a boat, getting to the Cove is easy, however, it's still worth the extra walking effort from the standard parking lot! Many of the routes are at least twice as long as most other Massacre Rocks zones. Bring your power, but be ready to use your endurance on the long Owl Cove Classics!