May 21, 2010

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Another fine afternoon in the Lower Teton River Canyon! We returned to the Quarry sector equipped with an assortment of scrubbing brushes and additional crash pads. The result was nearly seven hours of scrubbing, bouldering, and falling. All of which left us with sore, skinless finger tips, motivation, and one injured knee... mine.
Here are a few photos from our exploits.
Descending into the Teton River Canyon

Chelsea Wood Rollins stepping up to "Lumber Jill"

Heather Lords bucket hauling on "Lumber Jill"

Heather Lords working out the crimpy rail problem of "Lumber Jack"

Chad Alldredge holds my wrist as i scrub the top of a new problem during an afternoon rain storm

Chad working hard on this incredible line which will have a name as soon as we come up with a good one! For now we've dubbed it "One Eyed Willie" due to the single circular pocket on this face.


Riley Everett Rollins displays the opening sequence as he pokes Willie in the Eye!
I also brushed and attempted the difficult outside corner to the right of "Willie". And keeping with the pirate theme of this block i am calling it "The Seven Deadly Sins"
Also of note: the ticks are out in full force down there!