May 29, 2010

Gothic Boulder

A few days ago Heather and I explored a bit more down canyon from the Teton Dam to look at some features i remembered from several years ago. I am finding that it helps to revisit places and look at options with a bit more vision and experience. One feature in particular was exciting enough to suffer copious amounts of rain today while preparing a safe landing zone. I think the smart climbers where climbing and training in the gym today instead of hiding underneath a massive boulder digging out mud and rolling rocks around, but hey, the Gothic Boulder is mostly ready to go once the weather clears up a bit. We prepared two separate landing zones which will hopefully offer three or four individual lines; two that utilize the roof feature, one on the nice left wall, and one just left of that on another overhanging boulder/chockstone.

My knee was a bit sore after several hours of digging and twisting but i seem to be getting by well enough. Hopefully next week I'll feel good about falling off tall things. Monday should bring some additional base work and brushing of the problems along with a core group of motivated friends to work hard to play hard! In the meantime, here are a few photos and videos to pass the time!

Being a dork to keep our motivation up in the rain!

Rolling some flat rocks into place for our sweet landing zone! Do you think it's raining??