May 23, 2010

In the beginning...

the Teton Dam Zone was a place i would visit often by myself during the day while Heather was teaching school. At that time, we lived in the nearby town of Teton, Idaho and access was just a few minutes away by car. I had a fun circuit of crack and face boulder problems at the Quarry before jogging down stream to the Big Dam Boulder for the overhanging jug hauls. During the Autumn of 2004 i was able to convince several close friends to join me for bouldering sessions, mainly at the Big Dam Boulder Sector.
The nearby college brought a lot of the people i am now close friends with to this area. And with most college towns, those friends have moved on to pursue life in other areas of the country. As our small group of motivated friends dwindled, so did our visits to the Lower Teton River Canyon and our interest in developing other regional climbing areas picked up.
Hearing about rekindled interest for several new college kids in the Teton Dam site peaked my excitement once again for this area.
Along with my new found motivation for further development in the Teton River Canyon, Heather and i, once again, have a strong friendly group of motivated climbers that we consider close friends to help us find meaning in what we do. For us, it's not so much about how cool climbing might be, but more so about being part of something that creates life long memories and close friendships. Seeing a line, cleaning it, and sharing that experience of development with our friends is a lot of fun and extremely motivational for us.
I guess I'm just trying to say thanks to all of those good friends we've been blessed with over the years. The memories and experiences Heather and I own are some of our most valued possessions.