May 25, 2010

the latest rage

Images from the Quarry at the Teton Dam.
Tom Smartt and his massive index making the 4th ascent of "The Seven Deadly Sins"

Heather Lords with her shorter than average index fighting hard to make the reach on "The Seven Deadly Sins"

Heather Lords giving her finger tips a rest by palming her way up the pumpy lip traverse of "Sidewinder"


Working on my project "The Killing of a Flash Boy"

Heather Lords flashing the highball plus bad landing boulder problem "Sippin' on Sunshine"

Chad Alldredge setting up for the crux reach on "Long Black Cadillac". This WAS the One Eyed Willie project.

Chad trying for the higher crimp on "Long Black Cadillac"


Heather Lords said...

lookin' at this stuff makes my palms all sweaty. Anyone else?

Heather Lords said...

And may I just add that I am NOT picking my nose in that first image... promise!

The Tengaios said...

I'm glad you cleared that up 'cuz I was thinking "eww, gross".

I forsee many more good times out there!

Kendra Nielson said...

Don't be ashamed Heather. We all do it ;) Good to catch up with you guys yesterday...

Bruce A. Black said...

Looks awesome out there. Love the posts! You need to hit that piss old school and lose the pads, The Verm in his heyday would scoff - a piece of carpet is kosher but those trendy, overpriced, petroleum based, erosion promoting, maxi pads need to go. Oh by the way, if I hook up with ya 'all you wont mind if I fall on your pads will you ;-P (PS, the previous is satire, I love bouldering pads, they are some of the coolest piece of kit to come along since sticky rubber and chalk)

Dean Lords said...

Bruce -
Bring your carpet scraps and come join us. I'll let you put your carpet scraps over top of the crash pads if that will make you feel better!