May 27, 2010


Heather and I headed out to the Teton Dam site again this afternoon. The weather was a bit threatening as we drove through patches of scattered showers. For some reason the showers seemed to float around the Lower Teton Canyon and the bouldering area stayed dry for the most part.

The canyon was busy with off-road vehicles and a large flatbed and crane plucking boulders from various piles of stone. Likely for landscaping of fill material. It was a bit odd really, but I'm sure they thought we were just as strange wandering around with our crash pads!

We added some additional stone and wood to the landing zone on The Thing That Only Eats Hippies and did more brushing and cleaning before giving it a good session. Heather worked on it for a bit while i shot some photos. But before you view the photos you should understand where the name of the route comes from!

After The Thing That Only Eats Hippies Heather and I wandered down the canyon to explore before returning to Hot Lava. On our way out of the canyon we passed Jaren on his way down. I have to admire his obsession with the place given the fact that he only had a half hour before needing to return home. NICE WORK DUDE!

Heather on the right way variation of Hot Lava

That's me on the left way variation of Hot Lava.

Heather flashing on her first attempt... until she fell off!

The full video beta for The Thing That Only Eats Hippies