May 08, 2010

the power of soul

The Crank Cave - Blackfoot Canyon, Idaho
Heather Lords searching for Soul Power, 5.13-
Crank Cave is a small basalt hole in the ground south and east of Idaho Falls. The bottom of the cave is lined with hideously loose river rock conglomerate. The actual basalt is sharp; bloody fingers are a given for any session at the Cave. Routes are short, powerful and would be better understood as a boulder rating than assigned a suggestion of difficulty with the YDS.
One of the four climbing sectors of Blackfoot Canyon, Crank Cave holds an array of the most difficult climbs in the Blackfoot Zone. Typically, the Playground Wall attracts the most attention with its enjoyable easy routes and classic basalt moderates. However, today there must have been some sort of orbital shift, aligning of planets, or an unexplainable sign from God. There were not any cars parked at the Playground Sector, which is weird for a nice spring-like day, but there were cars parked at the Crank Cave sector... again which is weird. In the end, 15 people from various groups throughout the Snake River Valley had all merged together for an afternoon session. That may not sound like a lot of people to some of you, but to those of us who frequent the Crank Cave, 15 people is about 13 more than any of us have ever seen out that at one time!
Some folks may have been bummed out by the sheer number of people, but the groups intermingled, shared belays and beta, and shouted encouragement to others. There was a lot of screaming for send power and a lot of soul being shared as people made new friends. I was psyched to see so many people trying hard!
Chad Alldredge rehearsing in his mind the move of Soul Power
We each did our respective warm up and watched others try hard on their projects before turning our efforts to the Matt TeNgiao masterpiece, Soul Power. This route is a brilliant line of powerful moves, some big, from large hold to large hold. Tricky feet and some cool sequences, Soul Power is in my opinion, one of the best routes in the Cave!

Heather Lords starting up Soul Power

Heather just above the crux but still having to pull hard and fight the pump!


Heather feeling the sun and the burn of Soul Power

That's me in the crux

Love it!

Chad Alldredge working out the steep moves between big pockets

Riley Rollins feeling the effects of Soul Power!
After Chad, Riley and Heather made two attempts each at redpointing the route, with each of them pulling every move and linking big section together. Especially exciting was Heather only hanging in two places on her second attempt. She has been working hard in the gym and it is paying off. I don't think I've seen her this strong... ever!
We then headed back to Idaho Falls late in the late evening and met up again for dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Jalisco's.
Left to Right:
Bree Hamel, Travis Von...., Chad Alldredge, Riley Rollins, Heather Lords, Dean Lords