May 17, 2010

update from W. Virginia

Well, typical to my last four visits to the this area the last couple of years, rain and generally poor climbing conditions keep us from having consistent and good climbing days. However, the fun times spent with friends like, Ronnie Jenkins, Lynn Hill, Matt Stark, and Russ Clune to name a few, keep the rainy day blah's to a minimum. We (me and Chad Sr.) have had a couple of okay days of climbing with more sampling than sending due to wet rocks and condensation on the steep routes from the correct humidity and temperatures. The 5.12b warm ups feel like 5.12d and the 5.13a's feel like 5.13c due to the extra grip and core power needed to squeeze the holds enough to stay on them!

Despite the lack of good climbing conditions, this trip has been fun. Some highlights are: Nearly getting whacked by a power pole being blown over by the wind and rain while driving down the highway which resulted in me swerving into oncoming traffic and doing a sweet 360 spin out; narrowly missing the power pole and live wires by just a few feet! This was followed by my connecting flight to Denver nearly crashing and having to return to Idaho Falls to make an emergency landing. Our return was more like riding in a bush plane than a passenger jet as the pilot flew the plane around the mountains and hills instead of over them. Have you ever been on a plane where people are screaming... "WE'RE GONNA CRASH AND DIE..." as the plane makes a nose dive through the storm clouds? I have!

Pretty exciting, eh? All the while I'm hanging out with friends here in Wet Virginia as Heather draws very close to sending her project at the Crank Cave back home in Idaho. Wish i was there sweetie! Crush it!

Ok, that's all for now!