June 03, 2010

are you tired...

of all this Dam Bouldering yet? I think Heather might be! She and Riley headed down to the Crank Cave this morning to work on Soul Power. I met them at the cave a few hours later after tackling some work i needed to get done this morning. After working on Soul Power the last few weeks, Riley Rollins got the redpoint on his second attempt of the day... NICE WORK DUDE! Heather did well too, but she was unable to get it done today. I'm sure it won't be long before she crushes it!
Heather and Soul Power

This evening Heather joined me for another brushing session at the Dam Boulders. This time we focused on the upper most erratics closest to the Teton Dam itself. Our time was short but the fruits of our labors yielded two fun boulder problems.

Heather on the opening sequence of Hairdresser on Fire

Roll With It
is located in the same cluster of erratics as the above route.

I think both Heather and I are looking forward to my upcoming trip to Vermont to be done with so we can start our summer travels. Until then, we both have a few fun things to project close to home.