June 27, 2010

choss choking hoss

There is a new route in the Weeping Cave! Riley Everett Rollins and I cleaned and drilled this new line which connects with the ending of Hoss, Choss, and Chaos. The opening dyno will give you a good idea what the line is all about!

The stone on the left side of the cave is a bit chossy to say the least. A high first bolt requires a stick clip to start the route which then follows a line of closely spaced bolts to protect you from hitting the deck on this short route. A couple of the bolts are in weird locations simply due to the lack of good stone where i wanted to bolts to go. The line may not be the most esthetic, on the best stone, or with perfect bolt placements, but it sure is a lot of fun to climb! Our new line will likely clock in at the 5.12+/.13- range.

Here are some photos of the new STEEP route called Choss Choking Hoss
Sorry, the photos aren't that great.