June 28, 2010

Community Defined

There is no doubt in my mind that Heather and I are blessed to live in such an amazing and beautiful place. Nearby family and friends along with vast country side and a life time of adventures are what keep us engaged locally. I have often talked about the close knit climbing community and the joy that we find in being a part of it. Ego, secrecy, and elitism are hard to come by in these parts and i could not be happier being a part of this climbing community.
Generosity, compassion, and motivation define our community here in the Snake River Valley.

Saturday morning we found an envelope on our front door with a letter (below) and some cash inside. This act of generosity by one individual or collectively as a group is a testament of the caliber of individuals who call this place home. The theft of my three crash pads is a complete bummer, but the compassion from this community is a sure sign of a community who can and will look after one another. We thank you for your friendship and for the cherished memories we have with many of you. The friendships i speak of stretch around the world and i must thank two others, Doug Shepard and Corey King, for their kind emails offering up their personal bouldering pads. You guys are awesome!

I ordered a new crash pad today... LETS GO CLIMBING!

Dear Dean & Heather Lords,

This local climbing community has developed and been enlivened into one of camaraderie and friendship through a mutual love of climbing, not in small part through years of peoples tireless service and effort like that displayed by yourselves. As a community we have been blessed to enjoy much in the way of local sport and traditional routes as well as high alpine routes and more recently, bouldering. Unfortunately the self focus of a small minority, in or out of the climbing community, has endeavoured consciously or unconsciously to undermine the open and sharing relationships that have thus been formed. This note is to say, keep your chin up, know that what happens to one or the few affects and has effects on us all, and there is still reason to celebrate and trust in us as a community. We are friends, and when a friend is in need, we as a community can effectively act in deed. You deserve the very best, your efforts and passion for climbing are appreciated and necessary for the proper spirit and future of climbing here in Eastern Idaho and indeed the world. Enclosed are some funds, although small, that will hopefully be of assistance with replacing physical property that was lost and more importantly in renewing ones faith in our local climbing community and indeed humanity at large.

Best wishes, Climb On!