June 15, 2010

gone missing...

I cached three bouldering pads Friday night (6/11/10) down by the Big Dam Boulder for various friends to use while I was away for work. As of Sunday afternoon those three pads have come up missing. Perhaps someone outside of those who knew the location happened upon them and cached them in another location or carried them out of the canyon??

If anyone has information regarding the location of my Metolius Collosus (green), Metolius Boss Hogg (blue/black) and black Mammut pad, please contact me at deanlords@gmail.com

If in fact these pads were stolen it would be a sad reflection of where our small, tight knit community is headed. As some one who believes in sharing and creating a healthy and unified climbing community, it would be a sad thing to know that my kindness and willingness to share information with our community has been taken advantage of with the theft of my property. Let's all hope this is not the case. Any info on the location of these pads would be great. It will be expensive for me to replace them so i can continue my efforts in the establishment of the Lower Teton River Canyon bouldering.


Dean Lords