June 19, 2010

got me hangin' on a rope

The theft of my crash pads and lack of money to replace them has forced me to hang from a rope again! I'm not gonna lie, i have really enjoyed my focus with bouldering this spring. The ability to reinvent myself on a regular basis has kept moving over stone as adventurous as the day i first came into contact with it.

Heather and I decided to visit the Weeping Cave in Palisades Creek today. She wanted to work on Matt TeNgiao's masterpiece, Quart of Blood Technique and i wanted to try my luck on the Basilisk project. We rounded up some good friends who we knew would be motivated to project routes with us and spend the better part of the day fighting hard, falling off, and just hangin' on a rope.
Heather warming up on the super fun route, Sasquatch 5.10c; another TeNgiao work of art!

Justin Avenius powering into the crux corner on the Quart of Blood Technique (project) 5.12+

Justin in the thick of it

Heather Lords stylin' the crux on the Quart of Blood Technique

Calm and collected. Heather mid crux.

The weather was darn near perfect; ideal temps, overcast, and a slight breeze. A thirty minute period of wind and rain late in the afternoon rolled on by, but we were still cranking away on dry rock... well, mostly dry rock. The four left most routes in the Cave are seeping in a few places but dry stone is easily found.

Heather, Justin and Riley all made pretty quick work sequencing the moves on the Quart of Blood Technique with each of them making two full laps on the route. Matt TeNgiao hasn't been able to return and make the first proper send of his rig so we all felt the just thing to do was to get the route dialed, and then come back after he sends it. Perhaps this seems a bit strange to some of you, but for us, the whole process of establishing routes means something and none of us feel the need to take our turn out of order. Go get it Mr. T. it's waiting for you!

As for the Basilisk, I had a break through on the upper bulge! I grabbed, hung on to, and pulled off of several holds that i couldn't come close to touching last year. Although light years away from being strong enough to put it all together, this is a huge success for me!

Thanks for all of the efforts and hard work to establish this climbing zone Matt. So many people are psyched on your superb routes.