June 08, 2010

Heather sends and a gift from the Man upstairs

The rains finally let up last night but the temperature quickly climbed during the afternoon hours today. A crew of us headed out to the Teton Dam. Heather wanted to work on some of her projects and I wanted to make the trek out to the Big Dam Boulder.
Eastern Idaho has been under the water faucet for the last few weeks and many of the area rivers are well above flood stage; the Teton River is no exception to the flooding situation. As a matter of fact, i haven't seen this much water flowing down the Lower Teton River ever.

Most people know the Teton Dam failed due to the unstable nature of the volcanic rock in-which the Teton River has cut through to create the canyon that it is now. Well, you add a lot of water to the stone and you are likely to get other minor and major failures which is exactly what happened at the Big Dam Boulder Sector of the canyon. A very large slab of rock cut loose during this last serious rain event and augured into the ground, sticking strait up into the air. This wonderful gift has now increased to total offerings at the Big Dam Boulder Sector!

We brushed oodles of mud and dirt from the boulder; some of it likely acting as the weak cement holding the massive stone in place high on the hillside. With a lot of effort and and dirt in our eyes, Heather and I along with the King family cleaned off five new boulder problems on what we are calling The Cheese Wedge. Here are some photos of the new piece of stone.
The Cheese Wedge

That's me on Heathers super cool arete. Crimps to jugs!

Heather working on the top half of my left to right face problem. Small, slopey holds and big moves on a slightly overhung face.

Heather making the big final move to the lip.

The mid section.

When Heather walked away from Lilly's Man-Child a few days ago, she was beat down and bruised from the top of her foot all the way up her left thigh from fighting with the opening moves. After only a half dozen attempts this afternoon, she made a proper send of this very difficult boulder problem.

Here's the actual send footage!