July 16, 2010

An opinion, that's all...

Some people really get excited about the Fins. Me, not so much. Sure it's great stone, which is somewhat of a rarity in East Idaho but i can't help but see it as that one wall most people don't spend much time on at the local climbing gym... you know that boring vertical wall? Think about it, when was the last time you were so excited about the vertical wall at the gym??

This may sound a bit harsh to those friends of mine who think the Fins are the BOMB but i can rest easy knowing that our friendship isn't based on my opinion of the Fins!! I will say that i have enjoyed a couple of the routes out there; specifically, Solstice, Huck You, Avitar, and Shaken Not Stirred. I bet the Fins lovers are pretty much laughing at me right now, but hey, that's cool... I'm just not that into vertical stone which lacks any sort of enjoyable features outside of some good pockets and crimps. No corners. No overhangs. No changing angles. Just plain ol' vertical plywood with crimps and pockets... :-)
But hey, the place sure is pretty and has a great view!
Heather crushing the red taped route.. Only Time Will Tell 5.12a

Only Time Will Tell 5.12a

That's me on the blue taped route.. Koona 5.12a

Heather and i had a great day with Matt, Tom and Rick! Thanks for dragging me up there for my anual token Fins visit, i can't wait to go back (i'm being serious)! Ohh, and just remember; all of the above smack talk, it's an opinion, that's all...