July 28, 2010

Weeping Cave Update

I was finally able to make the first ascent of Hoss, Moss & Chaos at the Weeping Cave this evening! Anticipating the forecasted afternoon thunder showers, Heather and I, along with some friends, thought Weeping Cave would be the place to be. My thought was the rains would bring cooler temps that make climbing the harder routes at the Weeping Cave a little bit easier. Plus it stays dry in the rain!
Well, i should have known better, the crag baked in the sun all afternoon long and the temps were super hot. However, as we walked out of the canyon at dusk, the rain did finally arrive, just 4 hours over due...

Despite the stifling heat on my 3rd attempt of the day, i held on long enough to swing through the crux and sprint to the anchors! Thanks for equipping the line Matt T. and thanks for letting me work it into submission!!
Heather Lords working on Hoss, Moss & Chaos 5.13-something-or-other at the Weeping Cave last year.