August 09, 2010

Outdoor Retailer Recovery and the birth of Secret Crag X...yz Pdq

The Outdoor Retailer show is always a numbing experience for me. Busy is an understatement. I even find it difficult to walk the 100 yards from the Mammut booth to the bathroom without getting stopped by someone wanting to talk. Not that i mind, i don't at all actually, but the show does take its toll on me.

As with years past i always escape for a few days right after the show to recover a little peace of mind. Usually i lay in a fetal position and drool uncontrollably but this time i found the mindless work of breaking choss from potential routes quite relaxing! Heather and I raced home from Utah late Friday night, slept, then headed into Palisades Creek early Saturday morning with a drill and bag full of bolts and hangers.

As the morning rolled on my mind systematically dumped all of the dribble i collected from various meetings with people looking for sponsorship; providing humorous fodder for route names. Things like: I'm Sponsored by Prana, Just Like Chris Sharma; I Did All The Moves... Kinda; and, Don't Even Bother, It's Too Hard For You.

I should write up a blog post sometime about things you SHOULD NOT say while being interviewed by a potential sponsor! Luckily for me, all of the guys and gals on the Mammut Athlete Team are humble, respectful, and motivated to be positive ambassadors in the growth of climbing and skiing!

Back to climbing...
Okay, so the crag isn't named the Secret Crag X...yz Pdq, which was inspired by that systematic dump of dribble i collected at the show. The truth is i do not have a name for it yet, or any of the routes. As soon as i get things cleaned up and the cave is empty of fixed ropes, half bolted routes, and wet epoxy, i'll get the info out to everyone. In the meantime here are a few photos to get you psyched on projecting routes at the new cave in Palisades Creek!
Heather and Riley looking intimidated as they get ready to sample one of the projects

Heather in the business of the first crux

Riley pulling hard

Heather mid route

Hey Nathan... I think these bones are dead??
A photo of our little cave sentinel

The routes are not as long as the one's in Weeping Cave; however, they are powerful, unrelenting, and STEEP! Psyched to get some folks out there once the lines are fully equipped and the epoxy on some key holds is dry. This new sector will be a great addition to the Palisades Creek Zone!