July 29, 2011

The Pointless Crag - in the making

Started development on a new sector in the South Fork Canyon. After a few drive-by recon trips, Riley Rollins and I packed the drill and some hardware to the base of the crag. A once over led to a twice over, which led to me finally saying... "What's the point?" as i wallowed in doubt at the stone overhead.

Adventure and determination prevailed and the first of many routes was born; honored with the name... "What's the Point", which is actually a pretty damn good route... and still a project.

In the days following new routes have emerged. Here's a sneak peak showing three of the routes.

Kristin Hill racing the sun or chasing the shade; I'm not sure which...

Heather Lords making the first ascent of her and Kristin's new route

Jaren Watson samples What's the Point in fading light

As soon as the routes get a thorough cleaning, I'll make the crag info available so our community can check the place out.