May 31, 2013

Tis' the Season

Not too bad, eh? 100+ feet of steep limestone!
 Heather and I explored in the Lemhis recently; looking for the next crag we want to develop. We looked at a few nice cliffs and rode our bikes up and down beautiful canyons. At times, the biking was better than some of the rock we looked at but we found a few nice sections of stone too!
Exploring Meadow Canyon in the Lemhis
There are a number of other zones to look at before we settle down and get to work equipping routes.

Heather running laps on What's the Point at the Pointless Crag
Meanwhile, it's been a good week for cragging around home. Heather and I have made small advancements in regaining rock climbing fitness. It helps to have a variety of good cragging just a few minutes from our house!