July 02, 2013

A Gathering of Like Minds

The month of July is turning out to be rather busy. Finding a weekend where both Heather and I are able to play on the same day is proving difficult. However, I think Saturday July 20th may just work! This date is subject to change, so consider this a tentative engagement.

The Plan

Let's party! THIS IS A non-FESTIVAL...  a day for like-minded individuals to gather and climb the best limestone and granite routes yet found in the South Fork. This non-festival gathering is sponsored by Subaru and all who attend will drive home in a brand new... Subaru! Simply put, this is a day for locals to be locals, go climbing at The Arcane and to celebrate the birth of the best crag.... IN THE WORLD!

Apr├Ęs climbing seven course meal will be catered by an exclusively organic all natural Hipster.

Time and location will be announced here the morning of the 20th.

The Real Plan

A brilliant idea to get climbers out to the worst pile of choss yet bolted in the South Fork and help beat in the 45 minute up-hill approach trail and bust off choss on the 25' tall volcanic basalt sport routes!

You won't drive home in a Subaru unless you drive out there in one.

Bring your own hot dogs and beers for after climbing around the fire. A seven course meal includes a hot dog and a six-pack!

No Subaru's or Subaru lovers were injured (physically or emotionally) in the making of "The Plan".

See ya soon!