July 18, 2013

Maximum Psych

Margin Walker - Arcane Crag
I think the time has come to put the drill down and go climbing! There are a few more routes to be added at the Arcane, but they can wait. The desire to start trying hard on these rigs has reached a maximum level of psych!

There is a full listing of routes and Arcane Crag beta in the menu bar at the top of the blog page. Check it out! The two routes that exemplify this crag for me are Esoteric and Margin Walker. Both routes provide what I most enjoy about sport climbing - steep sequential powerful climbing. I also think Naiad and Proboscis will be favorites given the wild and varied climbing on either route.

Heather cruxing on Proboscis
All of the routes will take some time and traffic to clean up so expect the standard new choss route experience when you visit the crag. Bring a brush and share some love. Be careful and enjoy the hard work getting these routes put in!

Climb on!