July 10, 2013

Video Edit - Esoteric

The Arcane from Dean Lords on Vimeo.
The art of making videos is not my forte. However, Heather and I put the drill down for an afternoon and shot some footage with Jaren Watson at the Arcane. We enjoyed trying hard on our first real attempt at sending a few of the rigs.
The climbing is spectacular with powerful and somewhat cryptic sequences on all manner of holds and steep angles. It is obvious to us that the Esoteric is going to be the must do line at Arcane. And, I might just be bold enough to say that Esoteric has been my best creation anywhere in the last twenty years. The route is the style I'm most passionate about; long, steep with big moves, and a good combination of physical and technical skills are needed. It may not be the most difficult climb at the crag, or of my route developing efforts over the years, but it surely is as close to heaven as a chossy cliff has provided for my new routing habit! 
Like any smart route developer, I too dream of clean and featured stone of ideal angle and difficulties to develop into the next mega crag, but I haven't been dealt those cards. Instead I am left with the creative nature of volcanic basalt; to which, the Arcane will deliver a handful of worthy climbs in the region.
I hope you enjoy my attempt at making a short climbing video edit!