August 24, 2013

The Portal

Heather Lords climbing Jigawatt at the Portal
 We've added four new routes to Pass Creek at a small sector dubbed the Portal. This wall is above the natural tunnel on the east side just before leaving the gorge as you drive up Pass Creek. I've started a new page here on the blog called Pass Creek Canyon where I will host what information I know about the existing climbs in the canyon as well as share beta for new development as it continues. Check the page from time to time if you are interested in what the place has to offer.
Getting through the thin opening crux of Troll Bride
 The routes at the Portal are quite different in style to the routes i'm use to developing. Instead of the typical overhanging terrain I am passionate about, the Portal is much more strait up and down. Despite not being my favored style, the routes offer some enjoyable technical climbing in a very cool location. I am finding motivation and excitement in adding more climbs to the current offering in Pass Creek even though they are kinda slabby!
Blue streaks and sinker pockets on the start of Deja Vu

Getting cruxy on Jigawatt
 There are a number of other small sectors I've looked at that should produce more fun moderately difficult climbs. Most of the towering limestone walls in Pass Creek are rotten and crumbly, but small pockets of good stone will yield worthwhile climbing. And perhaps with more exploration, I might find an area that fits my favored style of climbing. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Eye dropping scenery while Heather climbs Troll Bride