September 23, 2013

Souvenirs Episode 1

For many of us growing up in the Upper Snake River Valley, Heise Rock was the crag where we learned to rock climb. Thanks to Chuck Odette and others during the late 1980's and early 1990's, this rhyolite block has been one of the most popular sport climbing crags for over two decades.
As a young teenager growing up in Idaho Falls and passionate about rock climbing, I was able to witness the enthusiasm of this budding sport crag. It came with excitement and controversy and even some spicy history of bolt chopping.
Chuck Odette kindly took me under his wing, mentored me - taught me how to move on stone. As our friendship developed, so did the opportunity to learn about bolting routes and projecting hard rock climbs. In many ways, Chuck and Heise Rock paved the way for my interest in exploring what i'm capable of achieving in a vertical world.
As for the video edit itself, Heather shot most of the footage and I pieced together the edit. Neither of us have any formal, or informal training on such things, so please don't judge the quality of the edit to harshly!