March 01, 2016

The Caribou City Loop

Dean's List

Caribou City Loop

A good day ride or a great overnight bikepacking adventure. The route combines several backcountry trails inside the 80,000 acre Caribou City Roadless Area of Eastern Idaho.  Moderately challenging at times, this loop offers a remote wilderness-like experience as you ride along trout rich streams, over two divides, and past the historic gold mining ghost town of Caribou City.

The Important Stuff

Distance: 34 miles (22.5mi of singletrack)

Elevation Gain: 3,749'

The Good Stuff: 3,777' (downhill)

The Route:

"A backcountry exploratory adventure ride"

Begin at the confluence of Squaw Creek and Jackknife Creek. The route is best done counterclockwise. Expect some hike-a-bike in the upper reaches of Squaw Creek. You'll get your feet wet in Fish Creek. The gravel road along McCoy Creek is both up and down. It's a good climb from Iowa Creek to Caribou City as you pedal past open sage and wildflower covered hillsides, through Apsen groves into pine forests, and over cascading streams of clear and cold water. A few short hike-a-bike sections from Caribou City to Taylor Creek/Trail Creek Divide. Enjoy downhill singletrack alongside Trail Creek and Jackknife Creek!

- Mosquito alert. Spring and early summer can be horrific! Be prepared. Or, wait until later in the summer.
- Trail tread can be rough from hooves at times and hard to find other times. Intersecting game trails can be misleading.
- Bring your route finding and deductive reasoning skills!
- Many creek crossings. You will get wet.
-  Go ride this loop please!

The Fly Fishing:

Small stream characteristics with a mix of beaver ponds and meadow meandering. We caught fish in McCoy Creek, Fish Creek, Iowa Creek, Trail Creek, and Jackknife Creek. Sneak attack stealth tactics are extremely helpful.
Stimulators, Parachute Adams, hoppers, ants, Wooly Buggers, leaches (for the beaver ponds). The fish are eager if you're stealthy.