Palisades Creek

Heather Lords pulling through the first buldge on Ages of You 5.13a

Located in the Snake River Range east of Swan Valley is the ever popular Palisades Creek. Mostly known for its Lower and Upper Palisades Lakes, Palisades Creek also offers outstanding limestone climbing. The two sectors are known as The Weeping Cave and The Pines. Both offer easy vertical routes and overhanging desperate projects.

A collective development effort between East Idaho locals Matt TeNgiao, Tom Smartt, and Dean Lords started during the spring of 2009 and continues today. Currently only two sectors exsist however, new potential abounds and it's only a matter of time before the other pockets of good stone get developed.

The Pines and the Weeping Cave are located on the north side of the trail about two miles from the parking lot. Complete info in the Guides section of

Some fixed draws exsist on the harder steep cave routes and a stick clip is maditory at the Pines unless you like gambling on the suspect rock to reach 1st bolts... which don't have clipping holds! Enjoy the hard work from the route developers and please respect their generousity by not stealing fixed draws and lower off carabiners.

The Basilisk